Saturday, April 17, 2010

Asal - Usul

A Step Forward ! Here just for Meet at 22

This the 1st logo was designed by the guys.

It was planned in 2008 around in middle of years by these ordinary people :
Muhamad Nazli, Mohamad Izwan, Amrill Ridzwan, Syafiq, Faeez, Azhary Maulana, Ariff, Nazmirul and Shamirul Amir with education background study in Art, Graphic and Animation Course and Ex student Of KLCC ( KUALA LANGAT COLLEGE COMMUNITY)

Meet at 22 was established in Jan 2009. Just a simple name, the name taken view as where is the first place the group members have met, living together for 2 years. At first Meet At 22 stand with this 9 guys, but then in this early 2010 "two flowers was blooming" in this group which are Nuge and Miza have decided to join Meet At 22.

But Today all of us are 10 only because On 19 September 2009, 29 Ramadhan Meet At 22 lose one of them member ;
ARWAH MUHAMAD NAZLI BIN HAJI MOHAMED RAZANI because he was an accident with a car. Eventhough arwah muhamad nazli have already not with us anymore, but him spirit always with us to coherent with Meet At 22. May Allah bless you DEAR FRIENDS !

As all know, the all artworks that will going or have already publish are done by ourselves. We still in learning process. And we also do need your support and we're do appreciate the support especially those who are known us :)

Meet At 22 is not going to FULLSTOP at here, any new update news we all will updating time by time

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